Do I have to purchase the pharmaceutical drug insurance available from my professional association or corporation?

Since 1997, the Quebec Act respecting prescription drug insurance has ruled that any person less than 65 years of age who is a member in good standing of a professional association or order that offers drug insurance is not eligible for the public drug insurance plan.

Accordingly, if any such person is not already covered by a group plan offered by their employer or their spouse’s employer, they must belong to the drug insurance plan of their professional association or corporation.

What can happen to people who fail to comply with the Act respecting prescription drug insurance?

A person who does not respect the obligation to have pharmaceutical drug insurance must pay Revenue Québec an amount equivalent to the premium of the public plan for every full month in which they had no coverage.

Furthermore, a person registered in the public plan while eligible for a private plan must reimburse the Régie any amount paid for prescription drugs during the period when they were not eligible to receive such payments. It should be noted that audits are made regularly by the Régie, with the cooperation of Revenue Quebec..

What payment terms are available to pay for my insurance?

Insurance can be paid for in three ways: personal cheque, credit card or using preauthorized payments.

Most insurers no longer accept cash payments or money orders because of the tighter legislative rules introduced to detect and discourage money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

What are the benefits of belonging to the plan offered by your professional association or corporation?

o Tax
o Financial
o Extended list of prescription drugs
o Group, not individual premiums
o Exclusive products 

I am currently covered by the Quebec public prescription drug plan. What must I do to belong to the plan that my association offers?

o Membership
o De-registration with the RAMQ 

In addition to the group insurance coverage established together with my professional corporation, MédicAssurance Inc. offers a line of individual products. What do I have to do to take advantage of this service?

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