MédicAssurance inc. maintains the privacy of the personal information entrusted to it.

To protect that confidentiality, MédicAssurance inc. has adopted a Privacy Protection Policy. Its application is overseen by an officer responsible for ensuring that Policy provisions are rigorously applied.

We have summarized the Policy below for quick reference.

Your right to privacy protection
Various legislative provisions enshrine and guarantee your right to the protection of your privacy. This right is of vital importance, and MédicAssurance inc. has implemented the measures necessary to respect it.

As part of its operations, MédicAssurance inc. is required to keep a record of certain information concerning its insureds and employees. Some of this information is highly confidential.

You trust MédicAssurance and you value your privacy. That is why MédicAssurance inc. has adopted a Privacy Protection Policy to protect that information and guarantee that any use respects your rights, as well as the strictest standards of ethics and integrity

Who is bound by the policy?
A limited number of MédicAssurance inc. employees are permitted to access personal information as part of their work. When these employees are required to review, use or communicate such information, they must at all times comply with the provisions of our Privacy Protection Policy.

To ensure compliance with the Policy provisions, the Company has introduced an appropriate training program, which the employees in question must follow to ensure they are well informed of their duties and obligations.

Also, if a third party is entrusted with certain information for processing purposes, MédicAssurance makes sure that the information remains properly protected, since any third parties are bound under our Policy.

What is "personal information"?
"Personal information" means any information that can be used to identify you. Accordingly, your name, birth date, address, government health insurance number, and social insurance number are all considered to be personal information that must be protected. However, this protection extends beyond that information to other types of information we receive, particularly your financial and medical information, information about your family members, and even how many insurance certificates you hold.

How is this personal information protected?
We protect the personal information we receive by ensuring that only duly authorized individuals may access it. We make sure that they receive the training they need to handle the information and that they comply with every aspect of our Privacy Protection Policy.

Our responsibility in this regard also applies to the protection of our information systems. As such, we have implemented the strictest security measures, including both physical and administrative protective measures, as well as constantly updated software. These measures are also subject to periodic internal and external audits.

Why is this personal information collected?
When you send us an insurance application, it necessarily contains a certain amount of personal information that we review when deciding to approve or refuse the requested coverage.

Later, other personal information may be needed, in particular when we review a claim or a request to change your coverage. In the course of our operations, the personal information we receive may be used in different ways.

However, whatever the intended use of that information, and unless the law stipulates otherwise, you will be appropriately notified in advance, and your consent will always be required. MédicAssurance only collects the information it needs and only keeps it for the length of time necessary to carry out the objectives it has informed you of.

How can I obtain a copy of the policy?
The right to privacy protection is vital to any free and democratic society. MédicAssurance inc. fully supports the principles upon which this right is based and is therefore proud to make public its Privacy Protection Policy. This means it will be provided to anyone who requests a copy.

Can I find out more about the personal information MédicAssurance inc. holds regarding me?
After we ascertain your identity, we will be pleased to follow through on your inquiry about the personal information we hold regarding you as well as how we are using it.

  • By sending our head office a written and signed request to this effect; or
  • By consulting your file in person at our head office.

Please note that fees may apply if you request a copy of the documents in your file.

Further, for legal reasons we may be unable to give you access to some of the information in your file. Should this be the case, you would be notified of that fact and of the grounds for the refusal.

Can I request that my personal information be corrected?
Because mistakes happen, some of the information that we receive and place in your file may be incorrect.

If you think your file contains incorrect information, you are entitled to request that MédicAssurance correct it.

To do so, you must send us a signed and dated correction request in writing, along with any necessary supporting documents. Your correction request will be reviewed promptly, and you will be informed quickly of the measures taken as the result of that review.

If I'm not satisfied, can I file a complaint?
Because LS Mutual wishes to maintain the quality of its client relations, it has instituted effective mechanisms for reviewing complaints concerning the management of personal information. If you wish to inform us of any comments, concerns or dissatisfaction you may have with how we manage your personal information, you may file a written complaint. The written complaint must be sent to our head office and addressed to the Director, Privacy Protection, who will then contact you to inform you about our complaint review process.

Whom should I contact?
To inquire about how MédicAssurance inc. manages personal information or about the Privacy Protection Policy, or if you wish to consult a file or formulate a complaint, please send a written request to the following address:

MédicAssurance inc.
Mr. Jean-Marc Denoncourt
1255 University Street, suite 217
Montreal (Quebec) H3B 3B2